Herbal Treatment for ADHD

Alternative therapies including herbal treatment for ADHD may provide relief without the concern of prescription drug abuse or addiction when treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Additionally, herbal treatments provide nutritional benefits not found in standard medication therapies.


Herbal remedies can be effective for many medical conditions including ADHD; however, it is important to note that unlike prescription drugs herbal treatments may take up to a month before a noticeable improvement is seen. Herbal treatment for ADHD may involve more than one herb and there are ADHD formulas available that contain multiple herbs combined for maximum benefit.

  • Tinctures for ADHD (may contain alcohol)
  • Teas must be brewed properly by adding boiling water to the ADHD herbs
  • Encapsulated dried, powdered herbs are usually taken 30 minutes after eating

Herbal Sedatives

Herbal Tea

Skullcap, chamomile and valerian are nature's sedatives and when combined with other herbs including lemon balm, hawthorn or passionflower offer a drug-free treatment for ADHD.

  • Skullcap provides the body with stabilizing chemicals to help balance the endocrine system

  • Valerian helps to ensure a good nights sleep.

  • Lemon balm has a pleasant taste and can be used fresh or dried on foods to help reduce ADHD symptoms and as part of an overall ADHD nutrition plan.

  • Chamomile is a very mild, safe natural sedative and is available dried, in homeopathic preparations and as a tincture to help calm overactive minds and bodies.

  • Hawthorn strengthens and stimulates the circulatory system which removes toxins from the body and using hawthorn as an herbal treatment for ADHD ensures toxins are flushed from the body.

Herbal Support

Finding herbs that help reduce ADHD symptoms and provide support for the body's multiple systems may have a larger impact than herbs that only promote relaxation.

  • Ginkgo biloba provides natural compounds that prevent the restriction of blood flow due to swelling caused by allergic reactions

  • Mullein provides support to the hormonal glands to help them produce what the body requires for proper metabolic functions

  • Dandelion is packed with vitamins and aids liver functions

  • Sarsaparilla is considered a brain food as it contains phytosterol that aids in hormone production.

Natural cures for ADHD should be approached slowly starting with a few herbs and adding more over time if necessary.

Dietary Treatment

Many natural cures for ADHD focus on nutrition, vitamin and mineral supplements and diet since food dyes and colorings, preservatives, allergies to wheat, gluten and caseins may present or aggravate ADHD symptoms. Unlike other treatments, dietary treatments only require the removal of certain foods especially those that cause the more common allergic reactions.

Adding fresh herbs to the diet and drinking herbal teas instead of sugary rich beverages may improve ADHD symptoms plus many plants that are beneficial to the body can help eliminate ADHD symptoms.

  • Oats help reduce bad fats in the blood allowing the circulatory system to flush toxins

  • Nettles are high in Vitamin C and other nutrients and help to balance glucose levels preventing the roller coaster effect of high and low blood sugar levels.

The correlation between ADHD and diet is growing daily and many proponents of herbal treatment for ADHD recommend supplementing the diet with vitamins and ADHD suffers report that they have less severe symptoms once a more nutritious diet is initiated. Oregon grapes aid the liver in detoxifying the body, barley and wheat grass, kamut and alfalfa can all be juiced providing valuable nutritional benefits and a tasty alternative beverage.

Herbal treatment for ADHD may take a bit longer to see results however utilizing safe and effective plants to help curb the symptoms of ADHD is a more natural approach to managing this condition.

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