Famous People with ADHD

Knowing there are many famous people with ADHD should serve as a big encouragement for you or a loved one who might also have ADHD. What can you learn by looking at this list? First and foremost, realize that these folks all had issues common to other who have had ADHD: Problems with attention to details, sticking with a project or job, or inability to sit still for a meeting or interview.

Common Characteristics of Famous People With ADHD

There are a number of common characteristics that are seen when you see a list of famous people with ADHD. Success can have different meanings to different people, in many cases taking on the meaning of achieving the top accolades in their respective profession. In some cases there can be disagreement about level of success if measured using political, moral, or other measures. In the list mentioned there can be no doubt that these individuals accomplished much, left there marks on their professions, and in most cases also left a very positive impression outside their professions for example through charity or philanthropy.

There are several common characteristics or strengths found in many of these famous people with ADHD. Among them are:

  • Leadership
  • Creativity
  • Outgoing
  • Driven
  • Bright
  • Energetic
  • Multi-Tasking
  • Out-Going
  • Self Awareness
  • Positive Attitude

It is exciting to realize that these common strengths are present along side ADHD symptoms even if you are not a famous person with adhd. The key thing is to find a way to tap into them, grow them, and nurture them into future success. These individuals all found a way to move past the first 2-3 stages of the loss grief cycle (Coping With ADHD) and moved onto the stages where they explored options, began to feel empowered and launch their careers.

Realize that they all found ways to cope with and control their inattention and distractability. In one manner or another, these famous people with adhd found the support they needed to feel encouraged, believe in themselves, developed a plan for their success, sought treatment that may have included counseling, behavior coaching, and often medication. The end result you see for yourself. Many have autobiographies where you can gain more insight.

Famous People With ADHD


Career, Milestones, Accomplishments


Burns, George

Actor, Comedian, Writer: George Burns and Gracie Allen Show, too many others to mention, plus "Oh God"(movie)

Carrey, Jim

Actor and Comedian: Opened for Rodney Dangerfield, "Ace Ventura", "The Mask", "Dumb and Dumber" (movies)

Hoffman, Dustin

Actor: "Midnight Cowboy", "Little Big Man", "Kramer vs. Kramer", "The Graduate" (movies)

McQueen, Steve

Actor, Racer: "The Magnificent Seven", "The Getaway", "The Towering Inferno", "Bullitt" (movies)

Scott, George C.

Actor, Director, Producer; Portrayal of George S. Patton in "Patton"(movie)

Stallone, Sylvester

Actor, Film-maker, Director, Screenwriter: Rocky Franchise, Rambo Franchise

Williams, Robin

Actor, Comedian: "Mork and Mindy" (TV), "Good Will Hunting", "Good Morning Vietnam", voice talent in "Aladdin" (movies)

Winkler, Henry

Actor, Producer, Director, Author: Happy Days The Fonz; An American Christmas Carol

Goldberg, Whoopi

Actress, Comedian, Singer, Song-writer, Activist; "The Color Purple", "Ghost", "Sister Act", voice talent in "Toy Story 2" (movies), The View Moderator(TV)

Rivers, Joan

Actress, TV Personality, Comedian

Wagner, Lindsay

Actress: "Bionic Woman", "Adam 12", "The Rockford Files" (TV), "The Paper Chase" (movie)


da Vinci, Leonardo

Italian painter, sculptor, architect, musician, scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, and botanist; Mona Lisa, Last Supper (paintings)

Picasso, Pablo

Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker


Jenner, Bruce

Track and Field Athlete - Olympic Gold Medal Winner, Speaker, Actor

Johnson, Ervin "Magic"

NBA Point Guard: High School, College and NBA Championship in rookie season, followed by 4 additional NBA titles.

Jordan, Michael

NBA Guard, Entrepreneur, Won 6 NBA Titles

Kidd, Jason

NBA Point Guard

Lewis, Carl

Olympic Gold Medal Winner: Sprinter, Long Jumper, Actor

Louganis, Greg

US Olympic Diver, Author

Phelps, Michael

8 Gold Medals at 2008 Summer Olympics in Swimming

Rose, Pete

MLB Player, World Series, Manager

Ruth, Babe

MLB Player, Pitcher, Slugger 21 Year Career

Stewart, Jackie

Scottish Race Car Driver: 3 Formula One Championships

Ryan, Nolan

MLB Pitcher - 27 year career,Club Owner

Bradshaw, Terry

NFL Quarterback, TV Analyst: Four Super Bowls


Anderson, Hans Christian

Danish Author: "The Ugly Duckling"; "Thumbelina"

Carroll, Lewis

English Author, Logician; Alice in Wonderland (book), "Jabberwocky", "The Walrus and the Carpenter" (poems)

Christie, Agatha

British Crime Novel Author, 4 Billion Copies sold - Guinness Book of World Records - best-selling novelist of all time

Fitzgerald, F. Scott

American Author, The Great Gatsby

Verne, Jules

Science Fiction Author: 20 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, and more


Wright, Frank Lloyd

American Architect, Interior Designer, Guggenheim Museum NY, Gas Station Cloquet, MN.


Carnegie, Andrew

Steel Industry and Philanthropist

Orfalea, Paul

Founder of Kinko's: See - Coping With ADHD and his story as told in "Copy This"

Woolworth, F. W.

F. W. Woolworth Company - The Dime Store: Introduced self service counters

Wrigley Jr., William

Chewing Gum Industrialist, Catalina Island Developer, Chicago Cubs Owner


Ronne, Edith "Jackie"

Adventurer, Explorer, Author, Teacher: First woman to finish expeditions to both Arctic, and Antarctica

Lewis, Meriwether

Explorer, Soldier, Administrator: Missouri River Source


Bell, Alexander Graham

Inventor, Scientist: Telephone

Edison, Thomas

Inventor, Business Man: Light Bulb, Phonograph, Movie Camera

Ford, Henry

Ford Motor Company, Assembly Line, Mass Production

Wright, Orville

Inventor, Airplane, Three Axis Controller

Wright, Wilbur

Inventor, Airplane, Three Axis Controller



German Composer, Pianist: "Ode to Joy", among others

Handel, George Frideric

German-British Composer, Operas, Anthems: "Messiah"

Lennon, John

English Musician, Singer, Songwriter


Prolific Influential Composer - Completed over 600 works

Wonder, Stevie

Singer, Songwriter, Instrumentalist, Activist


Franklin, Benjamin

Founding Father - USA, Political Theorist, Inventor - Bifocals, Franklin Stove, Lending Library

Eisenhower, Dwight D.

President, Five Star General

Kennedy, John F.

President, PT Boat Commander

Wilson, Woodrow

President, Leader of the Progressive Movement


Disney, Walt

Film Producer, Director, Voice Actor, Animator, Philanthropist


Einstein, Albert

German Born Theoretical Physicist: Theory of Relativity


Italian Physicist, Astronomer, Philosopher

Hawkings, Stephen

Theoretical Physicist, Research of Black Holes

Pasteur, Louis

French Chemist, Microbiologist: Vaccine for Rabies and Anthrax, Invented Pasteurization for Milk to prevent spoiling

Von Braun, Werner

German Born Rocket Scientist, Aerospace Engineer: Saturn V Launch Vehicle


Patton, General George

US Army General, Commander of US Third Army

Rickenbacker, Eddie

ACE Fighter Pilot WWI, Race Car Driver, Head of Eastern Airlines

Churchill, Winston

British Prime Minister during WWII, Conservative Politician

This list of famous people with ADHD is felt to be accurate, as these names have been extracted from a variety of sources and have appeared on at least two or more lists. The list of accomplishments is meant to provide a snapshot, not a complete list, or even necessarily the most note-worthy. A representative sampling was chosen.

Note: Every person has been given many of these same personal strengths, traits, skills and qualities. If symptoms of ADHD are in some way hiding them, as a parent look for them in your child and grow them. As an adult, work with a coach or therapist who can help you recognize them and then use them in your work. Realize that in many cases ADHD is due to a deficiency in certain neurotransmitters and medication can play a key role to restore the balance so that the real you can emerge.

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