ADHD Symptoms in Children

The repeated display of the main ADHD symptoms in children can be a worrying development for parents. It is normal for all children to occasionally forget homework, daydream or be fidgety. However, inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity are all signs that your child may have ADHD.

A child who has these issues can have problems learning at school and it can affect their relationships with their peers. It can also lead to problems at home, so proper diagnosis and treatment is important.

First Signs

The first signs of ADHD usually appear before the seventh birthday, but it can be difficult to know the difference between ADHD and normal boisterous behavior. If you only spot some of the signs, or the symptoms only appear in certain situations it is probably not going to be ADHD. If the child shows several of the signs in all situations, then it is it time to get a medical opinion.


Most people will think of a child with ADHD as being out-of-control and constantly disturbing everyone around them, but it is equally likely for the child to be sitting still with their attention miles away. Some others will focus obsessively on a task and others still are too impulsive.

Normal or Hyperactive?

There are three primary ADHD symptoms in children:

  • Inattention
  • Hyperactivity
  • Impulsivity

Children with ADHD are typically one of the following:

  • Inattentive only
  • Hyperactive and Impulsive
  • All three (most common)

Children that only demonstrate the inattentive symptoms are often overlooked because they are not disruptive. These children often find themselves in trouble for not following instructions and under perform at school.

Inattentive Signs

A child with inattentive ADHD will struggle to focus on a task they find repetitive or boring, but they can pay attention when it is something they enjoy. They also struggle to pay enough attention and can skip steps or fail to complete tasks as they move to the next one before they finish the last.

Ideally, these children need a quiet, calming environment to enable them to keep focused.

Hyperactive Signs

This is the most obvious symptom of hyperactivity. A child with the hyperactive symptoms of ADHD will always be moving. Even if they are required to sit still, they will constantly tap their foot, shake their leg or drum their fingers.

Impulsive Signs

Children with the impulsive symptoms have problems with self-control. They will often interrupt conversations, invade personal space and ask personal or irrelevant questions. These children will often be moody and can overreact emotionally.

Positive Effects

There are often positive ADHD symptoms in children as well as the negative ones. They are often creative and imaginative and are more open to alternative ideas than others are. Typically a child with ADHD will have a lot of interests and when sufficiently motivated will work and play hard to achieve their goals.

ADHD is a complex affliction and will cause the parents a lot of worry, but with the bad ADHD symptoms in children there can be positive symptoms too. With proper medical treatment it is possible to treat the symptoms and improve the child's behavior and prospects.

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