Finding an ADHD cure is on many peoples wish list. When you type in ADHD Cure in a search engine you will find mostly natural and homeopathic remedies that claim to cure ADHD without medication. I am all for any treatment or therapy that works effectively and does not make the situation worse.

Accurate Diagnosis of ADHD

An accurate diagnosis of ADHD begins with a complete history and physical to rule out what it is and what it isn't. There are several medical concerns which can cause symptoms that resemble ADHD. Among them are:

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Anemia
  • Lead Poisoning
  • Chronic Illness
  • Hearing Impairment
  • Visual Impairment
  • Substance Abuse
  • Medication Side-Effects
  • Sleep Impairment or Deprived
  • Abuse

It is important to rule these conditions out of the diagnosis, because if it can be determined that one of these is the cause, then you can attempt to treat these conditions, and the ADHD symptoms are very likely to go away. It could be that if one of these conditions are present ADHD may still be present and these may be making those symptoms worse. For example: A sleep deprived child can begin to show "Off the wall" behaviors. That sleep deprivation can be caused by all sorts of things including snoring because of swollen tonsils, or sinusitis that prevents them from getting adequate sleep.

Other causes of ADHD can be hereditary, environmental and dietary. Regardless of the cause there is something that is causing the brain neurons and neurotransmitters to be out of balance, which effects the normal signals that cause the thinking and processing portion of the brain to not work efficiently. Is the goal of all treatments to help restore this imbalance to normal. ADHD is a chronic condition and since we do not know the exact cause, finding a 100% adhd cure has not been done.

Neurons - Neurotransmitters

Symptoms Must Present in Two or More Settings

Many of the symptoms of ADHD are common not only for young people but for adults as well. Therefore, it is also important to realize that behaviors that are disruptive and worse than normal must be seen in more than one environment before someone can be diagnosed with ADHD. For example ADHD behavior seen only on the playground would not be considered as diagnosed ADHD. See DSM IV Criteria for more information. Some children are being labeled as ADHD when they don't meet these stringent criteria.

Natural ADHD Cures - Herbal Remedies

View any claim that states they have a 100% ADHD cure with their product or book with a degree of skepticism. That being said, with any medical condition there are degrees of severity. Some are mild others are more severe. Some persons may very well respond to a natural or herbal treatment, while others may not, just like some patients will respond better to one medication than another one. So - read, explore all options. Take charge of your situation.

Science of Brain Exercises

Recently, there has been expanding research into how the brain works and what happens when people actually "Use" their brain. This resembles exercise of muscles which will build and strengthen muscles. So it has been found with the brain - when you exercise your brain it actually puts a good stress on the brain. This has been shown similar to muscles being exercised to be good for the brain. It has been shown to actually build and/or strengthen brain pathways - even create new pathways. There are multiple examples of persons with a brain injury and loss of certain functions who have learned to complete new tasks by forming new pathways.

Doing pioneering research into ADHD treatment through Brain exercises, Dr. Amnon Gimpel has developed a comprehensive approach to treat ADHD in his book: "Brain Exercises to Cure ADHD". Medications alone do not fix the problem. They usually provide effective positive results, but when the medication wears off so does its effect. Recent research reports the finding that the brain's prefrontal lobe which controls executive functions like attention and judgement is often 8-14% smaller in those with ADHD compared to those without ADHD.

In his book Dr. Gimpel identifies many exercises to work on that part of the brain and build more pathways strengthening and building up the frontal lobe. It is these types of behavioral and brain exercises added to medical treatment you are likely to get the best outcomes in your management of ADHD. Perhaps you can learn to manage ADHD and wean off medication using these techniques. Whether with or without medication these exercises are sure to help you as a parent, patient or adult with ADHD.

Praise for ADHD CureBrain Exercises to Cure ADHD

"Amnon Gimpel, a psychiatrist and neurologist who has had extensive experience treating patients with ADHD, argues forcefully that parents can do more than just medicate their children. He provides parents with a variety of behavioral techniques, including Brain Exercise Therapy, that are designed to empower both the child and parent, allowing them to control ADHD rather than vice versa. This is a 'must read' book for families coping with ADHD and for health professionals treating this complex and challenging disorder.”

"Isaiah Wexler, M.D., Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Head of Pediatric Endocrinology, Hebrew University School of Medicine

Read more about Dr. Amnon Gimpel and his background, click here.

Summary - ADHD Cure

There can be no magic fix it all pill or program for every individual who might have ADHD. The best research suggest to use a complete treatment team approach, beginning with personal understanding of as much as possible. Consult your doctor, your advisors, teachers, counselors, and dietician. Try different herbs and adding or eliminating certain foods from your diet. The exercises given in this book will help improve and perhaps offer a cure for some. The theory behind these exercises described here should help any one maintain and perhaps even grow their executive functioning. As we all get older who wouldn't want that?

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