ADHD Boarding Schools

Children diagnosed with ADHD suffer developmental delays which ADHD boarding schools are equipped to understand and successfully manage with less emphasis on pharmacological therapy and more on self-talk and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Traditional schools cannot give ADHD children the attention, patience and special academic programs they need to excel in academic studies. These specialized schools employ teachers who have been trained to accommodate an ADHD child's unique needs in ways that public school teachers are not.

consider boarding schools

Within this supportive and highly structured atmosphere, ADHD children are able to academically flourish and develop their self-esteem in an environment conducive to learning and nurturing innate skills traditional schools neglect to discover.

Here is a partial list of some excellent ADHD boarding schools located across the country. Some are exclusively for boy or girls and others are co-ed schools.

New Leaf Academy Boarding School for Girls

Located in Bend, Oregon, the New Leaf Academy Boarding School for Girls has educational and psychological programs specifically designed to meet the needs of 10-14 year old girls with ADHD and other developmentally-related issues which traditional schools could not accommodate. Among the many skills promoted by this private school are:

  • managing emotions in a healthy manner
  • developing social skills
  • complying with guidelines and expectations
  • learning to respect others
  • mastering earlier developmental milestones that were not properly addressed
  • enhancing the ability to understand complex social situations and handle them accordingly

Typically, a student studying at New Leaf Academy Boarding School for Girls will spend 18-21 months in a controlled system of classes emphasizing learning, studying, self-development and recreational activities. 

Learn more about New Leaf Academy here.

Stone Mountain Boarding School for Boys with ADHD

As one of many ADHD boarding schools for boys, Stone Mountain is situated in a beautiful wilderness area in North Carolina and accommodates boys between 11 and 16 years of age. It is a long-term residential-type school which has programs especially created for boys suffering from emotional or behavioral issues. In addition, it is an SACs-accredited, state-licensed school providing:

  • small classes with one teacher for every five students
  • individualized academic plans accommodating unique learning styles
  • emphasis on social skills, effective communication, self-esteem development and behavioral self-regulation
  • outdoor activities such as hiking, canoeing, swimming, fishing and sports
  • medication managed and dispensed by a certified child psychiatrist

Meals at Stone Mountain consist of healthy, organic foods that do not exacerbate ADHD symptoms or promote food allergies. Also, family counseling is offered with mediation and after therapy performed by a professional ADHD counselor. 

Learn more about Stone Mountain here.

Aspen Ranch

Located in Loa, Utah, a small, rural town three hours from Salt Lake City, Aspen Ranch is one of several ADHD boarding schools that are co-ed in nature. Surrounded by beautiful mountains and a scenic rock desert, Aspen Ranch residential treatment program accommodates ADHD teens between the ages of 13 and 17-and-a-half years. Offering a therapeutic atmosphere, which encourages learning and enjoying the process of learning rather than the rote memorization that takes place in public schools, Aspen offers benefits such as:

  • highly structured academic environment with few distractions
  • successful management of anger and low self-esteem issues
  • ability to reach children previously thought of as "unreachable"
  • an equine program that teaches kids responsibility and self-worth

Learn more about Aspen Education here.


The choice of sending a child to a boarding school is not an easy one. Care should be taken to ensure for their safety, understand the expected outcome and the programs success rate in achieving this, understand all anticipated expenses, and to not over look any and all liabilities outlined in any signed paper work. Work with your local treatment team for advice and recommendations. This page is not an exhaustive search of boarding schools nor do we intend to endorse one school over another. If you are interested in learning more about ADHD boarding schools, perform your own search online, make phone calls and even visits and discover how many excellent schools exist which offer personalized, one-on-one assistance. If you are beginning this process use this page to expand your understanding of boarding schools and discover questions you will want to ask. Three additional websites to start your search are:

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